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Equilibra 500 Feed Balancer

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Equilibra 500 is designed to complement the natural high fibre diet of all horses and ponies by providing a combination of digestive aids, essential vitamins and minerals, essential fats and oils and natural antioxidants.


When fed on a daily basis, Equilibra 500 provides two crucial roles, which are beneficial to both the horse and the owner: 


  • Through the conditioning of the digestive system, the horse is able to maximum the utilisation of nutrients it is receiving from its feed.  The effect often allows the owner to maximise on less expensive feeds (such as grass and hay), whilst allowing the horse to thrive on a more natural forage/fibre based diet.

  • During periods where the quality of forages and grazing are low, the fortified vitamins and minerals within Equilibra 500 ensures that the horse receives the correct daily 

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