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Borne One

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 Borne One

For owners looking to provide their horse with comprehensive, multi-systemic holistic support for overall health and well-being.  Please contact for further details on this range.

Formulated using herbs selected for their ability to support and maintain

  • liver, spleen and kidney health and function
  • good quality connective tissue and collagen cellular health
  • optimum digestive function
  • a healthy nervous system

We recommend alternating between our two ✔ Borne supplements for long term use, switching every 1-2 months, in order to ensure the horse's system is presented with a regularly changing herb profile.

Use ✔ Borne One as soon as any immune support is needed. Formulated with herbs selected to help support the liver, spleen, kidney and digestive health and function, whilst helping maintain a strong and effective immune response.

 Borne One    
Weight Cost per day How long product lasts
150 kg - 200 kg : 5ml/day 38p 100 days
201 kg - 300 kg : 10ml/day 76p 50 days
301 kg - 500 kg : 15ml/day £1.15 33
501 kg - 600 kg : 20ml/day £1.52 25
601 kg and over : 25ml/day £1.90 20

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