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Stallion SPM-20

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Stallion SPM-20 is a natural supplement for stallions created to aid fertility. Stallion SPM-20 is the product of a two-year research collaboration between Blue Chip Feed and Stallion AI Services Ltd, the UK’s leading stallion semen collection centre.

Stallion SPM-20 aids sperm motility and velocity, ensuring that the sperm travel quickly through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg). Stallion SPM-20 aids sperm viability, ensuring that the sperm cell membrane remains intact throughout it’s journey through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg).

Stallion SPM-20 has been created to meet the specific needs of breeding stallions. Stallion SPM-20 is made with the highest quality ingredients using only organic/chelated minerals where possible ensuring optimal absorption and utilisation.

Stallion SPM-20’s active ingredients include: Organic Selenium, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Yucca and Antioxidants.

Throughout product testing, improvements have been seen on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions alike.

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